We are committed to providing our customers with the most effective organic cannabinoid products in the world.

Blue Sky Biologicals was founded for the purpose of healing people around the world through pure, whole foods and supplements. We create full-spectrum cannabinoid products and formulations that undergo a unique process to ensure optimal benefits for users and to restore the natural balance of what the mind and body need.

We started out with a guiding set of core values, a small but dedicated team, and a distinctive process for creating potent cannabinoid products that mimic how the most effective cannabinoids are found in nature. Despite our humble beginnings, or maybe because of them, we grew rapidly at a pace that surpassed our wildest expectations. People loved our products. They loved how our products were made, what they were made with, and, most importantly, how they made them feel.

Our team of passionate research scientists, hemp geneticists and formulations experts quickly adapted to accommodate the high demand for Blue Sky cannabinoid products. We worked hard to grow our business from a small operation in Preet Marwaha‘s kitchen into a multinational operation that spans across four continents and several product categories.

Today, we are able to supply the world with full-spectrum, organic cannabinoids. Having GMP standard, pharma grade facilities in China allow us to maintain the steady rate of growth needed to fill the demand for our cannabinoids and continue to innovate new products with unbeatable benefits for users. We currently design, develop, and manufacture products in several key categories, including; functional food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care products, supplements, and pet care.

Our products and formulations are held up to Blue Sky’s rigorous standards of purity and potency. All cannabinoids are grown, harvested, and developed sustainably from our 20,000 acre organic hemp farm. We will always use our unique development process that makes our formulations so effective, and we will never use additives, chemicals, or pesticides in any part of our development processes.

Our corporate reputation is built upon the impact that we want to have on our global community. As we continue to grow, we are determined to keep a steadfast focus on providing the world with sustainable, organic cannabinoid products that are good for people, and good for the planet.

Meet Preet Marwaha
& our leadership team


Meet the Team

Our Core Values

conscious impact

of each choice and action that affects us, our community and our earth


of our global community, and of our own mind, body, and soul

organic purity

of each ingredient that we use and of the lifestyle we choose to lead


of the mind and body to their natural balance

Our Manufacturing Strengths

  • 20,000 mu Chinese acres of organic hemp (2018)
  • Pharma-grade production
  • GMP compliant facility
  • One of the top hemp geneticists in the world, who currently co-holds 4 patents and dozens of global publications
  • R&D team of 15 research scientists
  • 20+ years of experience designing vertically integrated health and wellness product formulations
  • Expertise in global financial markets
Our Manufacturing Process

Our Product Strengths

  • Market ready products and formulations
  • Ability to custom make cannabinoid products and formulations
  • Full vertical integration from seed to end product
  • Compliant international logistics and delivery
  • Purest cannabinoid products and formulations in the market
Product Development

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