We manufacture finished cannabinoid products in four categories, including: health supplements, personal care products, functional food and beverage, and pet care.

Our products have unique formulations and contain Golden Harvest™ cannabinoids. Our all-natural, full spectrum products are created to fill the unmet global demand for organic, potent, and sustainably produced cannabinoids.

Our difference is in our pharma-grade, GMP compliant manufacturing facility, vertically integrated process, and unique engineering of our cannabinoids.

CBD Hemp Oil
(tinctures )

CBD Hemp Oil

CBD oral film

vape pens

targeting cream

moisturizer/day cream

lip balm

foam cleanser

soothing CBD
in all products

day, night & sport beverages

chocolate bars

dog spray

cat spray

oral sprays



The Blue Sky Difference


Our cannabinoids products are grown and harvested on our 20,000 mu Chinese acre licensed farm of organic industrial/agricultural hemp (Cannabis Sativa). Our hemp is specifically bred so that we are able to create pure and potent cannabinoid products. We will never use additives, chemicals, or preservatives in any of our products. Our plants are grown using organic and sustainable farming practices.

Whole Food Approach

Our unique product development process was engineered so that the balance of hemp oil to cannabinoid is at an optimal level. At this sweet spot, cannabinoids provide the most effective healing properties. This balance best mimics how cannabinoids are found in nature at their most potent state. Our “whole foods” approach to how we make our cannabinoids is the way that these products are meant to be consumed.

Full Spectrum

While other products have isolate benefits, the full spectrum nature of our premium Golden Harvest™ cannabinoids allows our products to offer holistic benefits for optimal mind and body wellness and function.


We are proud of our ingenuity for creating processes that make our CBD products both organic and extremely effective. We pioneered a development process that allows us to offer our partners the ability to create fully customized CBD products for a range of applications. We work with our partners and clients to continually develop new products that allow people to consume CBDs in a way that best suits their needs.

Affordability & Accessibility

The purpose behind Blue Sky Biologicals is to increase global accessibility to a healthy life. We’re changing lives by paying attention to the type of treatment and healing tools we seek out and use. Our future is dependent on making a paradigm shift about how we think about what we put into our bodies. That’s why our products will always be offered at an affordable price, so that those who need it most can easily have it.

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