Blue Sky Biologicals was founded by health and wellness expert Preet Marwaha.

Preet Marwaha’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle, characterized by the consumption of fresh foods, began at a young age after his grandmother taught him to cook. From running a kitchen in his local temple to preparing world-class meals for the United Nations, Preet’s life has been defined by food. This became startlingly apparent at age 18, when Preet was struck with a life threatening illness.

After being handed a grim diagnosis and lethal cocktail of prescription drugs, Preet set out to heal himself. Whole, organic food became the path back to wellness; and, a year later, Preet shocked his doctor with a clean bill of health. Preet also found his purpose: to create a paradigm shift in how people live, starting with food and the systems that produce it. Today, he is an in-demand nutrition and food authority, locally and globally. In 2006, as part of his relentless pursuit of change and healing for our planet, Preet founded OrganicLives™—a whole food manufacturer, restaurant, retail store, and education centre. OrganicLives™ quickly became a beloved community hub for people seeking organic, healthy, delicious, raw food options they could trust. Every nourishing product had a story based on direct trade with ethical farmers from the best sources available on our planet.

As a result of his knowledge and consultations with global experts in the fields of food, nutrition, physiology, anatomy, and molecular science, Preet was invited to speak at a United Nations international conference in Bangkok in 2010. Preet was also honored with the chance to be the Chef for the UN’s VIP night. This began an ongoing global association with organizations dedicated to enacting change, including: United Nations Environment Programme, World Wellness Project, and the Safe Planet Campaign. Creating CBD products was a natural extension of Preet’s holistic path to healing. Over time, it became clear that organic CBD products were an imperative component of improving the quality of life for people with mental and physical ailments and for restoring the body’s natural chemical balance. Blue Sky Biologicals was created from the genuine, unmet need in Preet’s community for an organic, healthy, chemical-free source of CBDs.

The rapid global growth of Blue Sky Biologicals can be attributed in large part to Preet’s honest mission to harness the healing power of whole food that comes from bio-dynamic, organic, ethical, and sustainable systems. The Blue Sky Team has evolved into a global team of dedicated researchers, developers, geneticists, and scientists who are working together to achieve a common goal of becoming the world’s trusted source of organic, potent, wholesome CBD products.

Preet Marwaha

“I’ve witnessed the healing power of pure, whole food working with clients struggling with acute or chronic illnesses, or wanting to improve their health or athletic performance. I know that everything we put into our bodies either improves our health or degrades it. It also affects the health of our planet.”

Blue Sky Biologicals Management Team

Wade Hobson, EVP for Asia/Pacific

For the last 25 years, Wade Hobson has been responsible for securing private equity investment and international financing options for over 35 companies in multiple global industries. Wade acts a trusted advisor to his investment clients in the fields of business development and strategic marketing. Wade is highly skilled in creating investment and marketing plans for traditional marketing and distribution channels, as well as leading digital and social media channels.

Over the past few years, Wade has focused his expertise specifically in the Hemp & Cannabis markets in order to better serve several emerging clients in this space. Wade is a member of the Cann10′ ‘Cannabis Leaders Program’ in Australia and is committed to shaping the promising Hemp & Cannabis market and regulatory future, both in Australia and globally.

Dr. Jian Zhang, Chief Science Officer

A world renowned geneticist and leader in hemp genomics, Dr. Zhang has been instrumental in the re-establishment of the hemp industry for China. Dr. Zhang has a wealth of expertise in food and food safety, and has initiated projects involving transformative reverse genetic applications for healthy food and biomaterials, especially focusing on Hemp and Flax. Dr. Zhang’s knowledge in ecological and environmental research has led to his initiation of genomic projects, such as his “1K Plant” project. Dr. Zhang co-holds six patents in the fields of biotechnology, crop improvement, and ecological and environmental research. Dr. Zhang also has dozens of accredited global publications in related fields.

Jerry Zeifman, Global Distribution

When Jerry Zeifman, president of Health Matters Canada, found no solution to his health issues with conventional medicine, he turned to natural remedies and discovered the answers he needed. Mr. Zeifman began Health Matters and Organic Traditions in order to nourish people with the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet. Today, Mr. Zeifman operates manufacturing/distribution facilities in Canada, USA and Europe through which he distributes numerous brands into over 70 countries around the world. Health Matter is committed to offering only the very best nutritional health foods, superfoods and wellness products including cannabinoid products, which Mr. Zeifman is very excited to represent and distribute Blue Sky products, brands and raw materials into his entire global network.

Alex Chwaiewsky, Global Business Dev

Alex Chwaiewsky grew up in the family business of real estate, however his passion for hemp led him down a different path. Mr. Chwaiewsky began working with hemp clothing in the early 1990’s and from there went on to successfully fight for the legalization of Industrial Hemp in Canada in 1995. This was the precedent for Mr. Chwaiewsky to co-found Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils, which launched the first commercially available hemp seeds in 1998. Manitoba Harvest went on to be the largest vertically integrated Hemp food manufacturer in the world. Mr. Chwaiewsky led the sales and marketing efforts securing strategic relationships within the Canadian retail sector, which led to revenues exceeding $45M in 2015 and the ultimate sale of Manitoba Harvest.


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