The story behind Amarit.

Amarit (def): Nectar of the Gods

We wanted our name to reflect what our products stand for. While we’re perfectly aware that we’re far from being god-like, we love that “Amarit” represents a drastic shift away from traditional, chemical-based medicine towards a far more natural approach to health and wellness.

Amarit was created for the purpose of giving pet owners access to 100% organic and plant-based products that heal and help their animals. As a part of our family, our pets count on us to nourish them properly. We noticed that the majority of medicines and supplements created for pets contain a cocktail of chemicals, additives and preservatives, and we felt like if we willingly fed this to our pets, we would be letting them down. We know how much you love your pets, so we would never sell you something we wouldn’t happily feed our own.

Amarit organic cannabinoid products give pets the right type of care.

Cannabinoids are proven to help pets cope with ageing, inflammation, pain and anxiety. Derived from organic hemp, Amarit products contain no THC and are completely safe for pets to consume. Our treats, sprays and gels are formulated specifically for dogs and cats, since their bodies (and taste buds) require extraspecial considerations and care.

Amarit may support pets with:

• Inflammation
• Joint health
• Oral health
• Bone health
• Anxiety

• Phobias
• Ageing
• Skin
• Epilepsy/seizures

There’s an Amarit product for every pet.

Amarit products are 100% plant-based and use only premium, people-approved ingredients and deliver a higher concentration than most other products available to pet owners. We don’t add coloring, chemicals or preservatives to any of our products, because that’s just not what we’re about. Basically, there’s nothing in Amarit products that you or I wouldn’t munch on.

CBD Cat Treats

Specifically developed for your feline friend. They’re smaller, contain a lower dose of CBD than Dog Treats and are optimized for a cat’s system and digestion. These daily, flavorful treats will make your cat purr!

CBD Dog Treats

Perfect for treating your pooch to a lower dose form of CBD. CBD Treats can be used to calm dogs with anxiety and phobias, or simply to provide your pet with a daily snack that aids in health, development and longevity. Your dog will love the taste of each of our 3 flavors; and more importantly, they’ll love how the treats make them feel.

CBD Nectar Spray

Best for delivering a high concentration of cannabinoids to dogs and cats easily. Recommended for pets in pain, pets with athritis or inflammation, and pets coping with joint, bone and oral health deterioration.

Hemp Oil Clear Heal Gel

A topical treatment fantastic for helping dogs and cats skin heal from cuts, scrapes or bites. This gel contains anti-microbial silver, which is proven to speed healing.

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