Research-driven multi-cannabinoid products and formulations ready for market.

Our revolutionary Golden Harvest™ Formula is the result of our unique proprietary extraction process, and the work of our expert team of in-house hemp geneticists who share decades of experience in hemp breeding and cultivation.

We are actively partnering with universities and research labs to pioneer the field of phytocannabinoid research. Together, our collaborations will push forward the practical, consumer applications of phytocannabinoids.

Incorporating our custom formulations in your products, means incorporating the latest in cutting-edge cannabinoid research.

Choosing our cannabinoids allows you to display the Golden Harvest™ Seal on all your co-branded products. Through our pioneering work in the cannabinoid space, displaying the Golden Harvest™ Seal will allow your brand to associate with our reputation for quality, innovation and integrity.

The Golden Harvest™ Seal .

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